Curing Senioritis


When high school finally hits second semester, seniors often kick back and relax. However, they tend to relax a little too much. Seniors start to skip classes, go home early or call in sick to avoid having to go to school at all. This plague, dreaded by all teachers, is known as senioritis.

From where exactly does senioritis stem? The most likely cause of this affliction is that college acceptances have been already out or are on their way. Seniors also do not have the pressure of keeping their grades up since first semester grades have been sent or reported already. Thus, all that they need to do is maintain a C grade in each of their classes to retain their college acceptances. As result, seniors cut loose and claim their freedom three months in advance.

Senioritis is expected, but should not be mandatory for all seniors because “there are consequences: grades can drop, [and] there might be a test,” senior Rahul Kharse comments.

Some seniors are unaffected by senioritis. Unfortunately, the majority slows down classes and negatively impacts not only themselves, but other students as well.

Teacher Dana Pattison explains, “There are some people who are dedicated, but as a group seniors slow down. I can never get through as much material second semester as I did first semester.”

If senioritis gets severe enough, it could cripple grades beyond the C grade line and prevent seniors from attending the college that they were accepted in. Senioritis is a detrimental, infectious and potentially grade-deadly disease that needs to be eradicated. Seniors should take second semester just as seriously as they did first semester. Even when they want to slack off, they should at least put in a little more effort out of respect for their peers who are working hard.

Senioritis should be something people should strive not to do just because of the negative effects that can occur. There are some colleges who look out for these things and if they see the results in the final transcript, they can revoke their acceptance letter to that student. Seniors should feel some sort of fear when it comes to things like this because of how dangerous the consequences can get. If any advice to those seniors that are following this path, whatever you do, don’t let your grades plummet so far to where there is no recovery. We all want to go to college, and the last thing on earth that we do not want happening is getting our decision revoked due to laziness.