Haiku Learning causes academic discouragements

Haiku Learning causes academic discouragements

Ye Bin Shin, Social Media Editor

San Ramon Valley School District transferring from SchoolLoop to Haiku Learning seems like it is not meeting original intention of improving students learning experience but intimidates the users with foreign page formatting, getting negative views from students.

Dougherty is changing many things for the students this year and Haiku Learning is one of them. And while the district is planning to completely substitute SchoolLoop with Haiku Learning by next year, many students are opposing this decision.  A lot is being said about this new system but main theme is that Haiku’s layout is not as concise as SchoolLoop’s system had been to the most users and these are some reasons why students think Haiku is confusing.

  1. Timed due date

In SchoolLoop, there was a section where all homeworks are listed to be due by certain date, but now in Haiku, there is a due date and also a due time. This can get confusing because it makes an assignment seem like it is due digitally by that time. Also, when parents sees the due hour, they start to worry, thinking a homework is actually due by the given hour even though it is just set because of the system.

  1. Simultaneous use of SchoolLoop and Haiku

Currently, some teachers are promoting the Haiku Learning a year before other teachers to test the new set up and see the effectiveness of the page through reaction of students. Due to system testing, many students are using both SchoolLoop and Haiku simultaneously and this is confusing both students and parents. For students they are now getting used to finding homework assignments in Haiku. However, parents are too used to getting their daily Loopmail that gives homework and grades, so change to Haiku and their inaccessibility to the grade book is too bothersome

  1. No communication method

Previously, students used Loop mail to contact teachers when they had questions about assignments and such for quick help, but Haiku doesn’t provide useful communication method between students and teachers, making people question its effectiveness.