Deepasha Debnath, Staff Writer

Light of Spark

The spark of love

Showed light in my life

The spark of hope

That came along with it

Was somewhere hidden behind


Trapped in these four walls

Smells all soggy inside

Trapped in these four walls

Cramped and cold inside


All I can do is wait

Patiently as I here standing

Looking at the spark of light

That shined before my eyes


Across the Ocean

Two boats sailing across the ocean

One caught it storm

Caught up in wicked emotions


The other one sailing across the ocean

Saw the boat caught up in the middle of the commotion


Quickly trying to save the boat in the ocean

The boat got trapped in the other’s wicked emotions


Although the boat got out of the storm in the middle of the ocean

The other boat fell in love with his wicked emotions