Who Needs a Date When Netflix Exists?


Although Valentine’s Day started as a day in honor of St. Valentine, a man who conducted marriages in secrecy when courtship wasn’t allowed, it has now become of a holiday no less than Christmas and Easter. Although, most individuals expect a nice evening on Valentine’s Day with their significant other, there are some who prefer to wind down and cuddle up to their true significant other, Netflix. Here are some great movies to watch on V-Day.

  • Silver Linings Playbook

One of the very few films to be nominated in the Big Five Oscars, Silver Linings Playbook is heavy on emotion, romance, drama within family, and yet, manages to add a good splash of humor here and there. This is a perfect mix for any Valentine’s Day. This movie starts off rather uncomfortably sad to the point where you feel helpless, however, it progresses towards something so beautiful that the helplessness is replaced with hope, a perfect visual journey if you’re alone on Valentine’s. And. of course, the presences of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence is the frosting on top.

  • Shakespeare In Love

Ah, good, old Shakespeare! The man who created the plays we’re made to act out in our English classes. Interestingly, this film isn’t about his work; it’s about Shakespeare, himself, who falls in love whilst writing his forever cherished Romeo and Juliet. Although not entirely based on a true story, there are several parallels between Romeo and Juliet and Shakespeare in Love–  such as the whole forbidden romance and a certain scene involving a balcony. Nonetheless, the fact that Shakespeare became better after meeting this noble woman, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, is rather endearing. You know what they say: behind every man’s success is a woman!

  • An Affair To Remember

There’s an inevitable old fashioned charm to the whole setting on a boat and old school romance. Perhaps it’s the way love blossoms through a meeting of the eyes or the brief, feather like touch of the hands. Or perhaps its the way the show traditional, family values. Regardless, the couple who start off as friends waiting to  confess go through several difficulties, prohibiting their uniting. A sure true-jerker and a must-watch on Valentine’s Day.