Women’s tennis bids their seniors farewell at Senior Night

Grace Yang and Daphne Wang

On Oct. 28, an inconspicuous autumn night, the blinding tennis court lights cast beams across your vision. There is probably a deluge of tests, presentations and projects looming from the next day, yet that is temporarily shut away as the 2021 Women’s Tennis Team gathers around together on court eight. The sounds of tennis balls ricocheting from other courts dissolve into the air tinged with bittersweet nostalgia. Speeches commence, superlatives are read, all to volley the senior players off to their future matches, whether they be on or off the courts.

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  • Senior Alisha Manocha stands to hear her speech from junior Kimberly Cui, one of the organizers of Senior Night, after receiving her award.

  • Junior Jiwho Kwun, one of the organizers of Senior Night, gives senior Serena Yang her award.

  • The entire varsity women’s tennis team stands to take a selfie.

  • Senior Aashna Gupta laughs as she hears her speech and respective superlative.

  • Junior Kimberly Cui, one of the organizers of Senior Night, stands in front of the banquet table, double checking all of the awards in preparation for Senior Night.

  • The banquet table is neatly organized in preparation to give the graduating seniors their gifts.

  • A group of seniors pose for a selfie with a wide assortment of fun accessories.

  • Coach Dudley says a couple of final words to the seniors, reflecting on the past year overall.

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