There is no strength stronger than emotions


Tristan Pongrujaporn, Staff Writer

“Fairy Tail”, a highly renowned manga and anime series, shows its viewers the true meaning of friendship through the bonds between each character.

The hit anime and manga series, Fairy Tail, revolves around a girl named Lucy Heartfilia and her adventures with the members of the (in)famous wizard guild Fairy Tail.

In no means is this series short in length, but viewers and readers will find this incredible journey worthwhile. This series reels in its audience for the continuation each and every week.

The series starts with Lucy roaming the shops around the sea port town of Hargeon. Eventually, Lucy meets an interesting duo of a talking cat named Happy and a pink haired boy named Natsu. Stating that his reasoning for coming to Hargeon was to search for his father Igneel a fire dragon, Lucy is shocked and does not believe him. Previously before meeting Natsu and Happy, Lucy meets a man claiming to be from the famous guild Fairy Tail, calling himself Salamander. He invites her to his party on his ship and tells Lucy that if she comes he’ll allow her to join the guild. Taking the bait, Lucy agrees to going to Salamander’s party without foretelling what is to come. It turns out that Salamander and his crew have been trafficking women to another country by impersonating a famous magician. When all hope is lost, Natsu bursts through the ceiling of the ship eager to battle. Lucy uses her celestial spirit magic to summon Aquarius the water bearer to sweep the ship to the shore. Within the wreckage, Natsu reveals to everyone that he’s a member of Fairy Tail shocking all before him. The magician with pink hair and a dragon scale scarf can use magic that other magicians cannot use: The Salamander. Finally revealing his true name, the fake Salamander is actually Bora the Prominence, banished from his guild for all his crimes. Happy explains to Lucy that Natsu’s lungs breathe fire, his scales dissolve flames and his claws wrap in flames; this magic makes the user’s body turn into a dragon’s, an ancient kind of magic, one that Igneel taught him for Natsu is a Dragon Slayer. In one fell swoop, Natsu takes out Bora, grabs Lucy and takes her to join the famous guild, Fairy Tail.

Hands down, “Fairy Tail” is one of the greatest and most popular big name series in the anime and manga industry with its incredible storyline, characters, music and overarching meaning.

The story starts off simple and comedic and over the course of time it evolves into a complex story in which the guild must stop The Dark Magician Zeref from destroying all of Fiore.

There is an excessive amount of characters that make up the whole series and will surely entice viewers to continue on with this series. Each of these characters bring their own spark to the table and deepen the friendship within each character. There’s of course Natsu, Happy and Lucy and then characters like Erza Scarlet, better known as Titania, Queen of the Fairies, Gray Fullbuster, a magician specializing in Ice-Make magic, being able to craft anything into the shape of ice and many other characters. This crew is basically the main gang that viewers will see throughout the show.

If you’re looking for an intricate tale where magic exists, the impossible happens and bonds run deep, then surely you will be interested in watching “Fairy Tail”. Start up your browsers, search online, go Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, whatever you please, just make sure to watch/read the great tale of “Fairy Tail”.