Evan O'Connell and Ifedunni Segun-Abugan

Last week the east coast saw posssibly the most drastic snow accumulation it has seen in the last 20 years. The snowstorm, which has been nicknamed “Juno”, has thrown the entire east coast into a frenzy of complaints, climate couture and hashtags.

Many people has decided to look at the situation from the bright-side: a real ‘winter wonder-land”. #Snowmageddon and #Snowpocalypse have been trending all over social networks as people post photos of their favorite “snow-in” past-times, meals, scenery, and even outfits. There are also lists of “snowmageddon baby names” for all of those who want to remember the storm through a more sentimental means.

However, those who decided not to participate in the “glorification of a natural disaster” posted pictures of the damage done to their property. Most of these photos were of blown-over trees, and caved roofs.

Over 50 locations throughout New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and New Hampshire recorded over 30 inches of snow last week. It seems the infamous snow cloud has made a record-breaking appearance. Boston received a little over 2 feet of snow which ended up being their biggest January snowfall record. Boston’s annual snowfall per year is 43.2 inches, and the city got over half of it in just one storm.

The largest amount of snowfall by states goes as Auburn, Massachusetts with 36 inches, Thompson, Connecticut with 33.5 inches, Nashua, New Hampshire with 33.2 inches, Sanford Maine with 31.5 inches and Orient New York 30 inches.