Plausible deniability: the Tribune explores feasible and facetious DVHS rumors


Mr. Hillman was in a rock band- True he was in a band approximately three years ago called Arzo*. He’s been “in and out [of] bands” since high school, and started playing drums at 13.

Mr. Estes chipped his tooth at a teacher’s bowling outing- False. Mr. Estes has never chipped his tooth, though the existence of a bowling outing was not entirely ruled out.

Class is cancelled if the teacher does not arrive in 15 minutes- False. Eventually an administrator, campus monitor or substitute teacher will show up. This is true, however, at most colleges.

Mr. Hillman wears long-sleeve shirts because he has a sleeve of tattoos- Plausible He wears sleeves because it’s cold, but he does have a tattoo on his “left shoulder and arm”.

Mr. Farmer broke his leg in a bar fight- False. He cut his finger washing dishes, and told his 5th period AP Econ class he hurt it in a bar fight. He also told them how in high school he lied about breaking his leg, claiming he did so cliff jumping. Somehow, they synthesized the two together.

Mr. Hillman promoted the arrival of 6 Venezuelan students on Yik Yak- False Someone was impersonating him on Yik Yak. As Mr. Hillman unequivocally declared “I don’t use Yik Yak”. Smart man.

Dougherty is considering moving the end of first semester to before winter break- True. The entire district is considering implementing a new schedule in which school starts in early August and ends in late May.


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*To see a video of Mr. Hillman in his rock band, go to