Women’s Soccer: Take one, lose one

Our women’s soccer team faced off against rival Dublin High on Dec. 7, emerging victorious 1-0.

The game started off strong on both sides.  Despite an impressive shot seven minutes into the first quarter by co-captain Bronte Cintrone, the first half ended 0-0.

The Wildcats made good passes and communicated well with each other in the second half, but just could not score for most of the half.   The Gaels played similarly, even missing a free kick.

As the time on the scoreboard dwindled, both teams played unwaveringly. With only three and a half minutes left, the Wildcats scored on a free kick, winning 1-0.

On the intensity of the game, senior Kathleen Casey said, “As time was running out and every shot we took just barely missed the back of the net, everyone was going crazy trying to get another chance for anyone on the team to score. It really brought us together.”

Unfortunately, a week after the energizing game against Dublin, the Wildcats lost 1-0 against Alhambra.

Alhambra scored the winning goal early in the first quarter on a free kick.

That didn’t discourage the Wildats, who continued to play hard Despite the Wildcats strong offense and near goal at the end of the second half, the Wildcats remained scoreless.

The second half saw thoughtful passes and close scores from both the Wildcats and Bulldogs, but despite impressive efforts from both, the second half remained scoreless, and Alhambra took the game win at 1-0.

The game against Acalanes was played on Wednesday, January 28th. The team fought hard and strong throughout, putting up a tough fight against their opponents, but twice Acalanes was able to get past DV and score. Ultimately the game ends and the scoreboard shows  2-0. The first half of the game flies by and our team returns to the field, to play the second half, in the right mindset. Acalanes did not dominate or control the game in the slightest even though they won.  The the wildcats had their fare share of shots at goal but the ball just never quite made it in.

About the season so far head coach Luis Siu explains, “I think the team is doing well, although our record may not show it.We are getting there and the girls continue to work hard day in and day out.  I think they have come to the understanding that success not only on the soccer field but in life in general is not given but it is earned.”