Wildcats endure a devastating loss to Dublin

Irene Chang, Editor In Chief

Dougherty Valley’s varsity women’s basketball team lost to Dublin 65-46 during a home game January 13, falling short of Dublin’s score by 19 points and handing another win over to the Gaels.

The first half of the game started off rough for DV and unfortunately did not improve as it progressed, with the lady Wildcats struggled in the paint with shots and rebounds.

Despite Dougherty’s efforts to level the score, Dublin maintained the leading score throughout the entire game. The Gaels scored a three-pointer within the first few seconds of the game, following it with a two-pointer just 20 seconds after. Through their strategical passing and blocking, the Wildcats defense was not able to intercept their plays, and the first quarter ended 18-5.

Out of the five points Dougherty scored in the quarter, forward Jordan Turner scored the first three-point field goal of the game for the Wildcats.

As the game continued, Dublin streaked consistently much further ahead on the scoreboard. The game turned into intense back-and-forth action on the court  as players raced each other for the ball.

Turner scored a total of three additional three-point field goals and guard Alyssa Cruz managed to make a two-point basket. But it just didn’t seem to be enough. Halfway through the second quarter, Head Coach Vanderhorst called for a timeout and spoke to the Wildcats. Tensions were high, and both the coach and players clearly felt the heat of the game. By the end of the second quarter, the Gaels maintained their lead against the Wildcats 39-18.

It seemed like a dark end for Dougherty, but just as supporters for the home team began looking doubtful, the ladies rebounded and entered the third quarter strongly.

Teamwork and communication amongst the players seemed to be heightened as fast passes and midair steals become the standard for the Wildcats rather than the Gaels, as they demonstrated in the first half.

Forward Kaylee Wong was the first Dougherty player in the game to make two successful free throws consecutively, and forward and center Skylar Jenkins followed along with the same consecutive streak during the third foul. Multiple Dougherty players, such as guard Brianna Tahira, made baskets just before the time on the shot clock ran out.

As Dougherty bounced back from their harsh start, continuous  fouls, missed passes, weak blocks and just barely missed basket didn’t help the Gaels but certainly helped Dougherty. By the end of the third quarter, the Wildcats had managed to pull themselves up significantly from the first half of the game.  But despite their efforts and Dublin’s missteps, morale still seemed low and the Wildcats trailed Dublin, 53-34.

The last quarter played out similarly. Dublin seemed to grow weaker with easily stolen passes and blocked shots, while Dougherty attempted to make as many field goals as they could before time was up.

However, despite these attempts, including two three-pointers from Jenkins and Cruz, the Wildcats faced too many unanswered shots.  Guard and forward Leilani Querubin made one final attempt from the paint just as the time on the game clock depleted into seconds.

Despite of all their teamwork and strong effort, the Wildcats still suffered a crushing loss to the Gaels with a final score of 65-46.