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February Horoscopes

Melina Jackson, Staff Writer

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Capricorn: You like to be surrounded by loved ones, although when it comes to relationships, you are very guarded with your feelings. Unless you let your guard down, it may be difficult for you to find a Valentine.

Aquarius: You have a certain quality that draws people to you. Your kind, genuine nature and intelligence attracts everyone to you, which makes it easy for you to find a Valentine this year.

Pisces: People love your outgoing, down-to-Earth nature. You like to take things slow, which some people appreciate. You are able to charm people quite easily, causing you no trouble to find a Valentine for this year.

Aries: Because of your affectionate and understanding nature, you will not have trouble finding love this Valentine’s day.

Taurus: You are one to take chances, but like to take things slow, and are very trustworthy. You always try to help people out if you can. Your practical views on life and love helps in relationships and actually finding love, so you will not have any trouble finding love for this Valentine’s Day.

Gemini: You are very lovable, and enjoy surrounding yourself around good company. You don’t ask for much in a relationship, only for their love and attention. Since you are so easy to please and can also make relationships easily, it will not be that hard for you to find a Valentine this year.

Cancer: Like a Capricorn, you are very cautious with your feelings, therefore always keeping your guard up. Unless you decide to let your walls down and reveal your true feelings to that special someone, you might have trouble finding love for this Valentine’s Day.

Leo: You will have no trouble finding love on Valentine’s Day because you attract many people with your confidence and expressive nature.

Virgo: You know what you want and have high standards. Since you do not like to settle for less, it can be hard, but not impossible to find love this month.

Libra: You love luxury and romance, and surrounding yourself around people. Because it is so easy for you to make relationships, you will not have trouble finding a Valentine this year.

Scorpio: You always show your true feelings, and are very honest about them. People are attracted to your intuition and determination. Because you can attract people easily with your passionate and magnetic nature, it won’t be hard to find a Valentine this year.

Sagittarius: You hate wasting your time and effort. You like to tease and flirt, and always try your best to make a relationship work. You are a true romantic and won’t have any trouble finding love this Valentine’s Day.

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February Horoscopes