Slang of the Month

Jordan Turner, Staff Writer

  1. Curve: to reject someone who is attempting to flirt with you

Ex: “John asked for my number but I curved him and told him that I had a boyfriend.”

  1. Slay: the act of looking extremely good

Ex:“Did you see Beyonce last night? She was slaying!”

  1. Cop: to purchase something

Ex: “I like your shoes! Lemme cop em.”

  1. Lightweight: another way of saying “kind of” or “sort of”

Ex: “I’m lightweight craving sushi right now.”

  1. Bomb: adjective used to describe something that exceeds one’s expectations

Ex: “I just had the most bomb taco ever.”

  1. No chill: to lose one’s ability to act in a normal or rational way

Ex: The girl who started #CutForBieber has no chill.”

  1. Beef: to get into a fight or argument with someone or a group of people

*at our school, its usually over twitter

Ex: The DV vs. Dublin twitter beef is an annual event that both school’s students look forward to.”

  1. In the feels: when one feels sad and lays in their bed listening to music and thinking about bae

Ex: “I’ve been in my bed all day in the feels listening to Drake.”

  1. Worldstar: what people yell when people are getting into a fight

*Usually screamed when said

Ex: Girl 1: “I hate you!”

Girl 2: “You’re gonna get the hands.”

Girl 1: *Throws Punch*


  1. Goals af :when a lonely teenage girls see a cute couple and want to be them

Ex: “Omg Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are goals af.”