The Art of Young Manliness: Gifts for your lady this Valentine’s Day

Bryce Moerbeck, Staff Writer

1: Flowers– This should be common sense, guys. If you’re dating a girl –or are even considering dating someone- flowers are a must-buy. Not surprisingly flowers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes; one should pay attention to color, as it plays a big role in what meaning the flowers express. For example, a red rose means love, where a yellow rose means friendship. Don’t friend-zone yourself, because girls most likely know or will look up the meaning of the colored flowers you got her.

2: Make her a cake– This should be easy, provided you know how to read package directions on a cake mix box. Get red velvet or your girl’s favorite filling, bake it, frost it, and serve with a smile. Guaranteed your date will thank you for it.

3: Handwritten card– Now this is dangerous ground. For those of you who passed your cursive class and have attractive handwriting, this is a must-do. A handwritten card to anyone is a valuable and appreciated gift. However, if your handwriting is lackluster, a thoughtful and meaningful card from the shelf will do just fine. Just make sure it applies to her and says what you feel; that’s the most important thing.

4: Chocolates or Candy– This one is particularly difficult and requires you to know the girl’s favorite treat beforehand. If you’re already dating the girl, just text or talk it out of her in a casual conversation. If you’re planning to get candy and flowers to ask her out on Valentine’s Day, you may want to do some reconnaissance to figure out her favorite sweets beforehand. Ask her friends, her family; whoever you have to in order to get her favorite candy, be it chocolates or sour patch. She’ll appreciate you more if you show to her that you’re willing to go the distance even for the little things.

5: Something Special– Each person is different. Some girls like a grand show and a fancy dinner, while others just want you to bring some popcorn over to the house and plop down on the couch for some Netflix. If you’re feeling particularly daring, or know the girl in question real well, do something that’s catered to her likes. Maybe she loves concerts; take her to an outdoor music festival somewhere, or serenade her with an instrument. Maybe she’s into sports; take her to her a local team’s game, and treat her to all the team-related clothing you can afford. The options here are limitless, and show that you listen to the girl and are taking the time to tailor your Valentine’s Day experience around both of your likes.

Last thing guys, Valentine’s day is a couple’s holiday. You should be thinking about yourself as well when deciding what you want to do to ask the girl out/take her out on a date. It important the both of you are comfortable and having a good time, as that is what creates lasting memories.