Valentine’s Day gifts for the guys

Having trouble figuring out what to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day? Boys are so hard to shop for.

Here are five gift ideas that he’s guaranteed to love.

1. Shoes. What boy doesn’t love shoes? Buy your boyfriend the latest pair of Jordan’s or Nikes and I promise he’ll be so happy. He might even cry a little bit. They always say the way to a boy’s heart is through his feet ( … I think that’s how it goes).

2. Crew Socks. He needs socks to go with his shoes. There’s so many cool pairs of socks out there and even though it seems simple, boys actually love socks.

3. Crewnecks. Every guy needs crewnecks to go with his cool socks and shoes. Ask your boyfriend what his favorite brand is.  Buy him a crew neck of that brand and I guarantee it will put a smile on his face.

4. Leather Bracelets. Get leather bracelets made with his and your name engraved on them, the date that you guys met or something else significant to the both of you. He will wear it all the time and every time he looks at it he will be reminded of you and how much he loves you.

5. 52 Things I Love About You. Get a deck of cards and on each card, put a picture or write something that you love about your boyfriend. Hole punch the deck of cards and put rings through it so that it looks like a little book. If you guys ever get into a fight or he just needs cheering up, he can read through the book to remind himself of how much he cares about you. It’s a keeper.