Valentine’s Day dining: Where to go

Scott Olvera, Staff Writer

This February’s well-known topic is all about love. It is a magical time where people get the guts to make their move on the ones they love or go do something very romantic with the one they already have. But sometimes people have the guts but not the brains to think of a good place to treat their significant other to.

How about a long walk in the park? Nope, its winter time.  It’s too cold.

Maybe give a thoughtful gift to her? Yes, that will be good, but that is the cherry you put on top.  You need to have a base to start off of.

How about going to a fancy restaurant? That would be the perfect way to start off your wonderful day of love and happiness. The question now is: which restaurant you choose?

There are many to choose from, but some places out-do others so much to the point where they have many two top tables set up for couples or offer yummy Valentine’s Day specials that are something to remember.

Provided below is a list of local restaurants that are ready for the busy love rush of couples and have brilliant plans to make the night for you and your date something special.


  1. Maria Maria in Danville

This upbeat and rather modern Mexican-inspired restaurant has great plans for you and your date to have a wonderful time. The thought and time going into Valentine’s is currently being discussed between management but promises specials and well-thought out ideas. With outstanding service and food, this place will not let you down.

  1. Piatti in Danville

This restaurant is more of a step up from your casual dining experience. This also means a little pricier but what you will receive far outweighs how much you pay. The atmosphere is a cozy and warm feeling that puts you in the mood for a great night. The food is worth any price you pay and will promise not to let you down. With an Italian twist, Piatti food and energetic staff, it will promise a wonderful time for you and your date.

  1. Blackhawk Grille in Danville

This American restaurant has been recently remodeled and changed to make it somewhere exciting and lively to eat in. The staff is very friendly and the great food will make your night.

Many other restaurants have great plans, but these in particular will be ready for whatever comes at them and give you a fantastic experience. They will not let you down with the food and the service will be on point.

Don’t settle for something cheap. Take your date on an unforgettable experience to any one of these fine places and make it a night to remember.