Women’s Basketball: San Leandro v. Dougherty Valley

Ifedunni Segun-Abugan, Opinions Editor

With the help of a few seasoned veterans, and the persistence of younger players, the DV Women’s Varsity Basketball team grabs another win for the season.

On Dec. 12, the DV wildcats faced the San Leandro Pirates in a home game. 30 minutes into the game, the Pirates had the lead with 11-6. However, they eventually caught up and then number 11, Jordan Turner, made the pivotal shot that that put DV in the lead for the rest of the game.

“I think that we had good ball movement and that we worked together as a team,” said Turner.

She and her teammate, Jada Crawl, continued to help lead the team to victory. Crawl also made a phenomenal shot that raised the score to 36-26, putting DV in the lead by 10 points. Amongst the skill of these older classmates, some younger players also shone through. There was exceptional sportsmanship between Abby Tayag, Mikaela Bismillah and Skylar Jenkins who delivered intricate passes and rebounds.

All of these factors played into their 54-45 win against the Pirates and will hopefully vouch for for the Wildcats for the rest of the season.