Best Android Wear Smart Watches for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, Android users of Dougherty Valley may be seeking an Android Wear device to accompany their cell phone. With the wealth of options out there, you may be wondering which one is right for you, have no fear, for there is something for all this holiday season.

Best Overall Watch – LG G Watch R ($299)

The LG G Watch R, to simply put it, is the best smart watch of 2014. It has what every smart watch user desires, a bigger battery and a fully circular display, which gives it an edge over every other Android Wear device on the market. This watch is perfect for the user seeking a more rugged watch design able to withstand the daily wear and tear, while still providing enough juice in the battery to last the user at least 2 days.

Best Looking Watch – Moto 360 ($249)

The Moto 360 provides a sleek and elegant design, while still outputting decent performance. Though the Moto 360 was off to a rough start at its launch, plagued with battery issues and stuttering, Motorola has been able to iron out most of the kinks, providing an experience almost as seamless as the LG G Watch R. This watch is clearly the best looking watch on this list, the only downside the flat tire on the bottom of the display to house the ambient light sensors which detect light around the user and adjust the brightness accordingly. Some users however, may see this flat tire as a deal breaker, and may have to look elsewhere to fulfill their smartwatch needs.

Best Budget Watch – ASUS ZenWatch ($199)

The ASUS ZenWatch is the cheapest new Android Wear smartwatch money can buy. With an asking price of $199, you may be thinking this watch makes compromises to obtain a cheaper price over other watches, but thankfully this is not the case. The ZenWatch makes no compromises in specs, and is able to keep up with its competitors in quality and in performance. The major turn-off for buyers here could be the square display, as it detracts from the qualities of a classic timepiece. The ASUS ZenWatch is still a great watch, but if you have the money, or dislike the square display, you make want to look somewhere else.