Top 5 upcoming Disney movies

Josh Santiago, Staff Writer

With 2014 coming to an end, it is time to look forward to some of the only things that make life worth living: Disney owned properties. With the recent acquisition of both Marvel and Lucasfilm, Disney has an extremely solid lineup for 2015 and 2016.

  1.       Inside Out (2015): “Inside Out” follows the life and times of emotions. Rather than telling their stories through humans, each respective emotion has its own personalities and liveliness. With this story telling device, Pixar is allowing themselves to tell a much more serious story, while still retaining the whimsical and colorful characters. Pixar has some redeeming to do. Though Brave performed well at the box office, many criticized it for not having the same pixar feeling.  However, Inside Out seems much more promising as a whole, with a much more unique concept and an extremely talented voice cast.
  2.       Finding Dory (2016): Pixar has been very busy lately.  The recently revealed that they were working on a sequel to the 2003 title, Finding Nemo. As tradition for pixar sequels, Finding Dory will focus on supporting character Dory, in a quest to find her own self-identity. It was revealed that the main setting will not be the ocean, but rather a Marine Biology institute. Not much has been reported for it yet, except for the fact that Ellen Degeneres and Albert Brooks will return as Dory and Marlin respectively. Finding Dory has a lot to live up to. Finding Nemo was the 5th highest grossing animated film of all time, and was met with critical acclaim. It will be hard to maintain the same feel of its predecessor, but Pixar has shown us with Monsters University and Toystory 2 and 3 that their sequels have the same amount of heart as the last.
  3.       Avengers: Age of Ultron(2015): The much anticipated sequel to the 2012’s release is shaping up to be even bigger. Age of Ultron continues after the rest of the phase 2 marvel movies, all of which have brought their own part to the havoc. Iron Man is still potentially unstable after his encounter with the Extremis from Iron Man 3. The entirety of SHIELD has been broken up thanks to Captain America in the events of The Winter Soldier. With enough on their plates already, The Avengers will have to band together to fight Ultron: A powerful AI developed by Tony Stark that is determined to create world peace one way or another. What’s even more exciting, however, is how this will tie into the rest of the movies Marvel has planned for Phase 3. Will the Guardians of the Galaxy tie in as well? Will the events of Age of Ultron lead into Civil War? Only time will tell for our beloved heroes.
  4.       Star Wars: The Force Awakens(2016): The return of Star Wars after Disney’s purchase has been met with a large amount of uncertainty for fans around the world. Why continue the series after the disasters that are the Star Wars Prequels? When JJ Abrams was announced as the director, many became even more concerned. Should a director be in charge of both Star Wars AND Star Trek? With the first trailer released, fans are still in questioning. While it seemed extremely entertaining, only time can truly tell for Star Wars. The trailer seems promising, but it is only that. With the decision to completely ignore expanded universe canon, one can only hope for the future of Star Wars.

5.       Kingdom Hearts III (TBD): While technically not a movie, Kingdom Hearts III is looking to be even more amazing than the rest. The popular Disney/final fantasy crossover is releasing its third canonical entry, as it mysteriously skipped the PlayStation 3. With rumors surfacing of allowing Lucasfilms and Marvel properties into the Role Playing Game, fans cannot wait for the next details to arise. While some may argue that Star Wars is unfit for Kingdom Hearts, it should be noted that properties such as Tron have also been featured, despite its live action perspective. Kingdom Hearts III has the potential to be the most fan serviceable game in the history of the franchise as a whole.