A day in the life of a quarantined student


Emily Wong

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many lives in previously unimaginable ways

Shereen Ahmed, Opinions Editor

April  2020

10:00 AM: Sleeping

11:00 AM: Gets out of bed to go to office hours for AP Bio

12:00 PM: Brushes teeth and showers

1:00 PM: Gets a package from Amazon, but leaves it outside. Too scared to catch COVID. Wants some food so decides to do some DoorDash

2:00 PM: Films Tiktoks – “Savage”  “Cannibal” spends the rest of time on TikTok

3:00 PM: attempts to study for AP tests by going on Youtube

5:00 PM Gives up, goes on CNN to watch Cuomo brothers arguing

6:00 PM Gets a text from a friend asking to hangout 15 feet apart but says no because parents are too scared

7:00 PM Makes a whipped coffee to watch Outer Banks

9:00 PM Netflix party with friends

2:00 AM: sleep 

April 2021

8:00 AM: Gets out of bed

8:15 AM: Logs onto the computer for A period

12:25 PM: Lunchtime, crams for Comp Sci test next period

3:00 PM: School’s over, takes a nap

5:30 PM: Gets up from Nap and realizes you missed a club meeting

6:00 PM: Starts homework

6:30 PM: Gives up and goes for a trip to Costco 

8:00 PM: Comes back to finish homework

10:00 PM: Forgets to eat dinner so then has to go eat

11:00 PM: Struggling to make 11:59 Deadline

11:55 PM: Finishes homework and then realizes you have a math test you forgot about

1:00 AM: Gives up and goes to bed