A golden bolt of lightning ignites a flash of light on The CW

Tristan Pongrujaporn, Staff Writer

The CW airs its new show that all DC Comics fans know and love- The Flash, which creates a storm of excitement for fans all around the globe.

On Oct. 7, 2014, The CW broadcasted its first episode of DC Comics: The Flash and the fans are raving about it non-stop.

The story follows a man by the name of Barry Allen who works for the Central City Police Department as a forensics assistant. One day when Barry was a child, he awoke to a loud rumble in his house, matter started to split, molecules broke apart and a red and yellow vortex appears in his house. Within the vortex his mother is murdered by a man in a yellow suit travelling within the vortex. This event leads the police department to convict Barry’s father, Henry Allen, with a life sentence in prison. The police couldn’t believe in the impossible, but Barry never stopped looking into what had happened that night.

One night as he was about to make his way home, Barry relives the same experience from his childhood. Once again a loud rumble, matter splits and molecules break apart, and in a blink of the eye Barry is struck by a golden bolt of lightning through the roof of his lab inducing him into a coma for nine months. This was all because of the particle accelerator explosion brought upon by S.T.A.R Labs in hopes of changing the future.

Nine months pass by and Barry awakes to find himself in S.T.A.R Labs where he meets: Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow and Doctor Harrison Wells who help him in his recuperation.

Upon Barry’s awakening he notices some changes in his physique: he’s put on some toned muscle, he miraculously gains a full six-pack of abs and his stamina has increased dramatically. But the most drastic change that Barry notices is his insanely fast reflexes and his super speed.

With his new abilities Barry can travel at the speed of light or faster which can then allow him to reverse the time flow. Barry can also create vortexes and tornadoes with his speed and can nullify them as well, and lastly he can create a super-sonic impact while travelling at any speed above mach one. There is no end to what The Flash can do and with these abilities he becomes the crimson crime fighter of Central City.

There are many villains that arise from the shadow of each and every hero, and The Flash has no shortage of foes. Due to the particle accelerator explosion other people have been affected by the explosion, thus creating villains like: The Mist, Weather Wizard, Blackout, Girder, Multiplex, Rainbow Raider and The Flash’s nemesis: The Reverse Flash, the one responsible for the death of his mother. Of course these are only the few of the many villains that stand in the way of The Flash and his hero’s journey.

Producer Greg Berlanti brings his spin on DC Comics: The Flash on The CW and the rating on the show are phenomenal. Berlanti has a cast of incredible actors, but one actor in particular that shines out the most is the lead actor: Grant Gustin. Not only does Berlanti unleash a show that attracts its audience, he also brings forth so much character development in Barry Allen. The monologues that Barry delivers to his friends and family are truly tear-jerking experiences.

There’s action, love, comedy and the impossible in this show, so if that’s your cup of tea, then check out: The Flash on The CW.