Gifts for each zodiac sign

Bianca Johnson, Staff Writer

Aries: Candles and scarfs –  Aries is a complex sign to shop for, but they enjoy colorful and fun things, so candles and scarves that are full of color are generic gifts that will be well liked.

Taurus: A crystal ball – Taurus’ are always looking forward to the future so a crystal ball will be a fun gift for them to predict the future with.

Gemini: Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity – Geminis’ are very talkative so active games like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity with a lot of human interaction is the perfect for them.

Cancer: Classic movies – There is no time like the past especially when it comes to cancers’ movie choices.

Leo: Passes to meet their favorite celebrity – For many Leos’ their dream is to one day become a star, but for now meeting their favorite celebrity is the closest they will come to stardom.

Virgo: A flower bouquet –  Flowers are a delicate and pleasant gift for Virgos who admire the simplicity beauty of them.

Libra: Tickets to Disneyland – Ever since the Libra was a child they had the desire to be a prince or princess and Disneyland is the perfect place to complete their wish.

Scorpio: Concert tickets – Scorpios all have a passion for music, so bump of the gift of music by giving your friends a live viewing of it.

Sagittarius: Jewelry with rubies – Ruby is the gemstone of the Sagittarius and whether it is a necklace, earrings or a ring, jewelry is the way to go.

Capricorn: Starbucks gift card – Around the time of the holidays Starbucks has a lot of new drinks and the Capricorn will be wanting to try them all.

Aquarius: A massage gift card –  Aquarius can often find themselves stressed out and in need of relaxation and what could be more soothing than a massage?

Pisces: E Books, E-Readers or a real book –  Reading is a recreational activity that is liked by many Pisces. Their favorite book will be a present that does not disappoint.