Mexico revolts

Rachel Laventure, Staff Writer

In the country of Mexico, 43 student teachers went missing overnight in the month of September. Since then, some of the 43 student teachers’ charred remains have turned up in various trash dumps around Igula. Forensic experts claim the cause of death for all of these student teachers was incineration, as DNA tests later proved to be true.

According to Mexico’s Attorney General and the Mexican government, the students were attacked and taken by corrupt police to gang members who then murdered them on the orders of Iguala’s mayor, Jose Luis Abarca. These murders sparked a wave of protest from the Mexican people, who felt that their country was resorting to violence to hide their corrupt practices in the government. Since 2007, over 22,600 people have gone missing due to speaking out against the government, and Mexicans all over the country are tired of losing their people. Protests are being held in various cities, trying to express that they are tired of the death of innocent people.

However, the Mexican government has made it very clear that these protests will not stand, and that military action will take place if they become worse. The forefront of these protests are in Mexico City, where rioting and marching is still taking place. Many signs hold the number 43 on them, signifying the 43 lost student teachers.

The case of the 43 student teachers is still open and being investigated further, and the people of Mexico are hoping that these protests will show how truly fed up they are with corruption. Modern day media outlets are calling this Mexico’s new revolution, but it is still unclear of how it will turn out.