Slang of the Week

Jordan Turner, Staff Writer

  1.    “Bye Felicia”

Definition: When someone is annoying them, one would say this to get them to go away.   Ex. Becky: “Anne, how are them Lakers doing?”

Anne: “Bye Felicia.”

  1.    “Bruh”

Definition: Another word for “bro”.

Ex. “Wassup, bruh?”

  1.    “Thot” Plural: “Thotties”

Definition: A girl who loves to surround herself with many boys, for reasons that are not school-appropriate.

Ex. “Don’t talk to her, she’s a thot.”

  1.    “Trap House”

Definition: A place where there are money, illegal substances and girls.

Ex. “If you ain’t talkin’ money, get up out my trap house.”

  1.    “Tweakin”

Definition: The act of doing the Shmoney Dance (created by Bobby Shmurda)

Ex. “When the song came on, everybody started tweakin.”

  1.  “Turn Up”

  Definition: Getting crazy and wild, and having a great time; usually involves brain-altering substances

Ex. “After we win the Dublin game we’re gonna go turn up”

  1.  “Based God”

Definition: Refers to the rapper Lil B; an individual who has maximum swag, a       mansion, sports cars, wonton soup and the ability to steal your girl

Ex. “I just won a million bucks. Thank you, Based God.”

  1. “Thirsty”

Definition: One who craves obtaining the attention of people of the opposite sex

Ex. “She thinks every boy is hot. She’s so thirsty.”

  1. “Salty”

Definition: To be irritated or upset about something

Ex. “I’m salty because it’s raining outside, and I hate the rain.”

  1. “GOAT”

Definition: “Greatest of All Time”

Ex. “Michael Jordan is the GOAT.”