Weathering moods

Alli Montag, Staff Writer

Whether happy, sad, mad or glad, the weather lately has made us all feel a certain way. Most commonly, cold weather makes people lazy and lethargic. Imagine yourself lying in bed, waking up at 6:45 in the morning. You hear the rain drizzling against your window pane and it is time to get dressed, though it is already hard enough to get out of bed. The cold, stormy weather gives people a tendency to be tired and less active. After all, who wants to run errands in the cold weather? It is pouring rain, and the traffic is intense. Your surroundings are cold, and you just cannot seem to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Between being too hot or too cold, you find yourself tired and irritable, just wanting to be in your bed in the comfort of your own home.

Better yet, imagine all the different ways of trying to keep yourself cool during the hot summer days. Luckily, San Ramon experiences both cold and hot days. It typically starts out with a solid 47 degrees, and then eventually escalates to a whopping 86 degrees. In case you were not aware, the Bay Area is currently in a drought, and we could use all the water we can get, so the warm, dense weather is not much help at all. Generally, hot weather makes people extremely uncomfortable.  Hot, sticky and smelly is an awful combination.

Each type of weather calls for special attire, of course. Summers are always filled with short shorts, crop tops and bro tanks. Winter calls for heavy coats, oversized hoodies and flannels. Each individual has their own preference when it comes to dealing with the change of weather.

Some prefer staying indoors when the heat rises, they would rather sit in front of the air conditioner and enjoy a nice cool beverage, while others may prefer to be out treading water with friends. As far as cool weather, I think it is safe to say we all enjoy a nice, warm, soothing drink and our favorite blanket. Whatever the weather may be, be sure to check the forecast and prepare yourself for the coming seasons.