Quarantivities and Stories #16: Missing Travel Amidst This Pandemic

Quarantivities and Stories #16: Missing Travel Amidst This Pandemic

After spending months in quarantine, staring mindlessly at my computer screen and remaining confined to my home almost every extended day of the week, made me realize that there was far too much that I took for granted. One of these activities was always my absolute favorite: traveling.

Hearing about the lockdown, I felt a sense of guilt knowing that I had not fully appreciated the opportunities that I was receiving to travel the world. I wish that I was suddenly able to relive the moments that made me so happy. Now, it felt as though we were trapped in essentially, a time warp without any way to escape for our own pleasure. I constantly questioned why the world decided to punish us in such a state.

The joy that I used to feel leaving my household at four in the morning right before the sun began to rise, hopping into an airplane and soaring through the clouds to a tropical location on the other side of the country was unmeasurable. Getting to live in a foreign world where none of my problems seemed to matter is something I miss terribly. Even the simple pleasures, such as the crisp air that clung to my face and the delicious exotic foods are factors that make me wish this virus had not robbed us of such opportunities.

Not only this but something that struck me as I was reflecting on what I’ve taken for granted and I realized that what I feel the loss of is making memories. Living away from home, with those I loved the most without a care in the world – that is what made traveling so special to me. Snapping photographs and taking short video clips on camcorders to then be shared with upon return was always something I looked forward to after going on exhilarating adventures.

All I can dream of now is the summertime, hoping that this virus will slowly die away and my wishes for living in a new experience will be fulfilled. Soaring to the ends of the country and creating memories is what I truly long for, and hope to make for myself.

Our world will be one where the freedom to travel is gifted to us again. All we can do is wait, and the best will come to us.