Little Big Planet 3 Release: The plush toy that playstation users all know and love returns.

Media Molecule’s hit game series Little Big Planet returns with its third installment for both Playstation 3 and 4, creating even more memories to enjoy with fellow Sackfolk.

Little Big Planet 3 (LBP3) hit the stores on November 18 this year and definitely lives up to expectations that fans have set for it. The game returns with Sackboy in his adventure to save Craftworld (the place where all imagination goes) from utter destruction.

What is different? This time, you set out with not one, not two and definitely not three playable characters, but a total of four different characters with different abilities. Joined with his three new companions, Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop, Sackboy must stop a conniving creator named Newton from destroying all of Bunkum.

The specialties and powers of each character broadens the depth within this game, expanding the choices the player can make and how he or she approaches a certain situation.

Sackboy’s specialties include being able to climb on netted material, and being able to equip an assortment of gadgets like the new blink hat, boost boots and much more.

Oddsock is the fastest of these four heroes, and he resembles a dog. Given his appearance, he is agile and able to traverse many obstacles with ease and jump from wall to wall.

Toggle is a gigantic character who can change his weight at the click of the trigger. He switches from his large heavy size, which can sink objects into water, push down buttons that are jammed or add a little extra weight when needed, to a tiny form of himself, which can run across surfaces without sinking, breaking or triggering pressure plates.

Lastly, Swoop has the ability of flight. Because he is a cute little bird and his specialty includes being able to fly to high heights while the other characters cannot and when the occasion calls for it, he can carry them up obstacles.

These new characters really improve the gameplay of Little Big Planet, encouraging teamwork between players all around the globe.

LBP3 is challenging in that it is a game that is perfect for all ages, and the only limit in what you can create in this game is your own creativity. Whatever you wish to create you can, because the game offers its players a destination known as “my moon” where you can create your own levels for the community to play on. It utilizes a ton of gadgets as well as “logic chips” to perform actions of day to day machines in real life. Children, teens, adolescents and adults enjoy this game in its purity because it is a game where you can let your imagination roam free.

There are also improvements in visual design, depth and creativity. This game was originally intended for the Playstation 4 to perfectly show the improvements made for the next-gen consoles. Little Big Planet and Little Big Planet 2 both ran on a 3-dimensional layer scale, meaning that there are a total of three layers that your character can traverse. In LBP3, the depth of scale increases drastically to new levels, allowing for multiple new ways of layer transportation like slides, horizontal jump pads, wire lines and teleportation. The visual design is definitely on an entirely different scale, because the colors are just so vibrant and beautiful, to the point that it leaves a smile on the face of the player. Finally, the creativity is something else, but that speaks for itself, as this game is only limited by the player’s own creativity.

Overall, Media Molecule crafts beautiful works of art that continues to surprise its fans over and over again. Little Big Planet 3 is definitely a masterpiece release of 2014 without any glitches or issues. Playstation 3 and 4 users will find that Little Big Planet 3 allows their imaginations to soar. Pick up your copy of Little Big Planet 3 today and join in on the game that took the world by storm.