5 Non-traditional Thanksgiving foods

Not everyone at Dougherty enjoyed a grandma-style Thanksgiving dinner this Thanksgiving break. Here is a list of some very untraditional foods that I have heard people had this year for Thanksgiving dinner.

1)      Steamed Crab

This is perfect at this time of year since this is when you can get the most meat out of crabs. They taste delicious and do not require as much preparation as a whole turkey does. It could also accommodate a smaller number of people, so your whole family does not need to be stuck with turkey leftovers until Christmas.

2)      Deep-Fried Turkey

Yum. Mr. Schnell commented, “Tastes a heck of a lot better than baking it and it’s quicker, it’s juicier, and you get to inject marinades into the turkey as opposed to putting it on the skin.” The rationale behind deep-frying things is 1) this is America, and 2) the entire turkey would taste good, not just the skin, and 3) this is America.

3)      Mexican Food

It is an unusual food that is not usually consumed on Thanksgiving Day. Edric Chang explained, “I usually go to Mexico for Thanksgiving and they usually do not have turkey there.” Well, they do not have Thanksgiving in Mexico either.

4)      Sweet Potato Casserole

Although many people use a profusion of yams and potatoes this time of year, this one takes the cake (or casserole?). It tastes wonderful, full of vanilla and other sweet goodies. Here is a link for those that want to read more: http://food.allwomenstalk.com/non-traditional-side-dishes-to-try-this-thanksgiving

5)      Pot stickers

At a school in which the majority of its population is Asian, it is expected that potstickers would make this list. Fried, steamed or boiled (or deep-fried if you are Schnell), people enjoy a wide range of potstickers at this school, whether they are for a holiday or not.

There you have it: a list of alternate foods besides your traditional baked turkey meal that many people enjoy and would recommend. Maybe as a last-minute plan, you could pull one of these out of the bag if Costco runs out of turkeys.