Top 5 Winter Trends

  1.       Starbucks Holiday Drinks

Starbucks kicks off this holiday season with their annual holiday drinks, such as eggnog latte and gingerbread latte. These drinks are great on a cold winter day when you are out with some friends, or even when you want to settle down with a good book.

  1.       Statement Coats

You know what winter means — the cold.  That does not mean that bundling up cannot be fashionable, too. Invest in a good statement-print jacket that will not only bring you warmth and comfort, but will make you look cool as well.

  1.       Bomber Jackets

These jackets are coming back as a winter trend, hitting the covers of magazines as a staple in any closet. Warm and just off the rack, these jackets can be found in any store at your local shopping center.

  1.       Peppermint

In the fall, pumpkin is the all-hailed flavor of almost everything, and, keeping with tradition, peppermint is winter’s signature flavor. Candy canes, coffee creamers, you name it — it probably has peppermint.

  1.       Dark Lipstick

As the season gets colder and the weather gets bleaker, dark lipsticks become a popular addition to many people’s closets. These dark hues are perfect for the cold and damp weather and brighten up any outfit.