A Geography Lesson: The 1000 Building

Bryce Moerbeck, Staff Writer

Dougherty Valley’s 1000 building is a mythical building for most of the school’s population. Full of tall, intimidating seniors, it is a building underclassman do not dare to trek through lightly. But for those of us who call the 1000 building our home, it is a bland and fairly simple place. Friends hang out, talk about their days, and grab stuff from their lockers on their way to class, just as any other building’s inhabitants would. In fact, there is something interesting about the 1000 building that perhaps even its own residents do not notice: it is stratified. Certain seniors hang out in certain areas, and it is almost comical how social the 1000 building is.

At the main entrance we generally have the hyper-socialites. These are the ones who pump us up at the rallies, go to every possible Dougherty event, and are some of the most well-known people on campus. They dress up for every spirit day, sometimes with the wackiest clothing possible. It is their energetic spunk that kindles the Dougherty spirit. Most of them have had older brothers or sisters come through Dougherty before them, inheriting their “popularity”. They set themselves up at the very front of the 1000 building, so as to quickly grab their stuff before heading to classes.

Beyond the dividing hallway in the middle of the building lie the athletes. Soccer players, baseball players, water polo and others dominate this area of the 1000 building. Most of the people in this section are teammates, their friendships built on the field as opposed to the bleachers. They drive the athletic side of Dougherty. Masters of their sport, they humbly roam the halls further back, choosing to enjoy each other’s company in the cozy confines of the social studies classrooms in the rear of the 1000.

Above both the socialites and the athletes are the academics. In the upstairs of the 1000, we find the more academically-inclined senior students of Dougherty. These are the people others turn to when they need help the most. Unofficially responsible for DV’s tutoring sessions, NaNoWriMo, SAT Prep and more, these students are the workhorses of Dougherty. They quietly work behind the scenes, making sure Dougherty stays the esteemed academic institution it is known as around the district.

The trio of Dougherty strengths: academia, athleticism, and sociability. They can be seen clearly in the geography of the 1000 building, if one chooses to look. It is the combination of these seniors that make the class of 2015 so great, and a class of leadership for all those below them. To all the lowerclassmen who are intimidated by the prospects of the 1000 building, all you have to do is choose the location that best fits you. Chances are, you will find a welcoming senior who thinks a lot like you.