An insurmountable amount of newspaper abuse

Surprisingly, The Wildcat Tribune is not just a newspaper for some people. Some have found that the newspaper has many other uses. The Tribune has been seen as a perfect tool for cleaning a window, and has even been used for recreational use.

The Tribune, being made of paper, is often reflexively folded into an airplane. Where else do paper airplanes belong, if not at school? Students claim to have seen the “flying Tribune” take off and land in many parts of Dougherty Valley High School.

Undoubtedly, the Tribune has, at times, been crumpled into a makeshift ball for a quick pick-up game of baseball, or to take a shot at a nearby trash can to declare superiority among friends. The connection between the Tribune and sports is very clear.

With the Tribune available, other paper products are unnecessary and inconvenient. Freshman Saloni Patel recalled a time in which she had used The Wildcat Tribune to dry her backpack after Gatorade had spilled all over it. She said the Tribune was “very absorbent”, not before adding that she had covered the spill only after she read the paper.

The Tribune’s diverse qualities have been put to the test like no other newspaper. The Tribune has been seen as more than just a newspaper to many students. No matter how you find value to The Wildcat Tribune, remember that it will always be there to be read.