Can the magic of Christmas last forever?

Melina Jackman, Staff Writer

Remember when we were kids and the closer it was to Christmas, the more our excitement grew? Once December hit, we started counting down the days until Christmas, when Santa Claus would arrive with our presents. Christmas was always an exciting time of the year. I remember on the night of Christmas Eve, I would leave cookies and milk out for Santa to snack on and even try to stay up late, waiting for him to shoot down my chimney. My family and I would hang our stockings over the fireplace, and we would watch A Charlie Brown Christmas before bed.

Over the years and as we have grown up, it seems that Christmas spirit has died down quite a lot. The older we get, the less excited we are for Christmas. Even though it is always fun to open presents and be surrounded by family, something about Christmas does not feel the same as it did when were younger. Christmas just becomes less and less exciting every year.

Is it because we are now aware that Santa Claus is not real? Have we already experienced Christmas enough? Or maybe because we know what gifts to expect (shoes, clothes, money)?

As everybody grows up, we all go through this same experience. The best way to try to rekindle the old, familiar feeling of Christmas spirit is to surround yourself with family. Prepare yourself a cup of hot cocoa and turn on some Christmas movies while sitting near the fireplace with your family. The Christmas season is all about family and giving back, not just receiving.

Even though Christmas may not seem as magical as it did when we were younger, it can still be a fun and joyous holiday to celebrate. Spend time with yourself with family, eat good food, give more than you receive and listen to an abundance of Christmas songs to get yourself into the spirit.