The vampire dilemma: to feast on human blood or rip out their hearts?

The CW’s heart-breaking show, “The Vampire Diaries”, currently airs its sixth season and continues to suck in more and more viewers each episode.

“The Vampire Diaries” revolves around a gorgeous teenage girl named Elena Gilbert, whose parents died in a car accident. Elena has mourned for her parents for months until she meets a charming stranger at a party in the woods: Damon Salvatore. Recently she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Matt (who also happens to be her best friend) and Damon tells her: “You want a love that consumes you.”

As time passes, Elena meets a dashing male student transferring into Mystic Falls High,  Stefan Salvatore. Stefan looks just like any ordinary high school student, but it turns out that he’s a vampire.

But Stefan isn’t like other vampires. He doesn’t enjoy feeding on human blood, but animal blood instead (preferably Golden Retriever puppies), due to his uncontrollable and insatiable human bloodlust when even catching a whiff of human blood. Hot girl, hot vampire, now just what could possibly go wrong?

Executive Producer and Creator of Julie Plec offers a riveting love story between not-so-ordinary humans and their not-so-dead soulmates. Many combinations between lovebirds exist within this story and they always keep the audience “shipping” certain pairings constantly. What makes this show live and breathe is the spark between characters and their interactions.

The show displays a supernatural love story, but also displays many aspects of normal human life, which seems to be a very common pattern in television shows these days. The struggle of loss, depression, love, anger and temptation is all factored into the characters and their own struggles. The best part is watching these emotions heightened on the vampire characters and how they cope with it because their senses are heightened beyond normal human levels.

There’s also the fantastic bloody violence that many people crave, because a love story between humans and vampires just isn’t enough. Detailed violence, from the shredding of jugulars to hearts being ripped straight out of their chests — this is definitely not recommended towards younger audiences, but there is already a large majority of DVHS students that view this show and enjoy it.

Overall, the show brings a story that will engage audiences with that hunger for a romantic relationship, while also satiating their appetite for supernatural entities. You should definitely check out the CW’s hit TV show: “The Vampire Diaries”.