Slang of the month

  1.  “On Fleek”

Definition: when any part of your body looks flawless (i.e. nails, hair etc.)

In context: “My eyebrows are on fleek today!”

  1.  “Bae”

Definition: your significant other/ someone whom you like

In context:: “Bae bought me Chipotle for lunch.”

  1.  “Literally I can’t.”

Definition: a statement that every girl makes when she is frustrated and cannot handle it.

In context: “Oh my gosh I have so much homework …  literally I can’t.

  1.  “Fam”

Definition: another word for friend

In context: “What’s up fam?”

5. “Bruh”

Definition: another word for bro

In context: “Wassup, bruh?

  1.  “Can you not.”

Definition: Please stop

In context: “You always stare at me in the hallways; can you not?”

  1. “Throwin Shade”

Definition: the act of saying something rude to someone, but attempting to be sly about it

In context: “Teresa said that your hair looked greasy today… she was throwin shade.

  1.    “Bye Felicia”

Definition: what one says to an irritating person

In context: Becky: “Jordan, how are them Lakers doing?”

Jordan: “Bye Felicia.”

  1.  “Or nah.”

Definition: or not

In context: Do you want to go to the movies with me, or nah?

  1.  “Stale”

Definition: not cool/okay

In context:: “Woah, your shoes are stale.”