Fairy Tales take on a new twist

Growing up, fairy tales were a part of our lives. Whether they had happy endings, sad endings or, just plain silly endings, we cherished them. They gave us a sense of hope and comfort at the same time. As many of us either read these tales before bed or have simply watched the tale as a child, we are easily familiar with them. Tales such as, Hansel & Gretel, Snow White, Red riding hood and many more. As a child Pixar gave us a vivid image of what heroes and royalty were suppose to look like, now more adult movie companies provide a more mature twist on the tales.

Recently critics and people raved about the newly released film Snow White and the Huntsman. Instead of the original film, with snow white and the seven dwarfs as an animation, viewers experienced an action packed version, that kept the audience on the edge of their seat the entire time.

In another instance we see a familiar network, ABC family, recreating all the most famous fairy tales such as, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, and many more. The story unravels each fairy tale, retelling each of them with a new modern day twist. It’s now in it’s third season and has some of the highest tv show reviews, and is quite popular among DV along with other TV shows Grimm, Alice In Wonderland, and Vampire Diaries.

When asked, students and teachers generally claim they didn’t mind the re-makes of the old tales and that they somewhat appreciated it being re-told with a modern twist in the very modern twenty first century. Student Emoni Horton claims “I like some of the TV and movie remakes of certain fairy tales, but sometimes the director just takes the twist a bit too far and we lose sight of the original tale”. Though, she is anxiously waiting to see what new films will be released in the upcoming  year.