Teacher of Interest: Mr. Lee

Teacher of Interest: Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee, a physics teacher at Dougherty Valley High School, had a very interesting and exciting journey leading up to his teaching career.

Mr. Lee is from Sacramento, California but his parents are from China.

Mr. Lee attended and graduated from Monta Vista High School located in Cupertino, California. He graduated from UC Berkeley and received his bachelors and masters degrees in Mechanical Engineering.   He also received his teaching credential from San Jose State University.

Before he became a teacher, Mr. Lee worked at the Lawrence Livermore Lab. He conducted computer simulations of structures and performed labs and experiments.

Mr. Lee became a teacher because he loves to interact with people and to work with them. His passion in life is engineering, technology, working on cars and helping young people. He enjoys landscaping and doing yardwork around the house, and he likes to install patios and grow plants.

Mr. Lee’s favorite sport to play is baseball or softball and to watch is college football. His favorite team to cheer for is the Cal Bears because he attended college there.

Mr. Lee’s quote that he lives by and values is, “Look into your heart before you use your head.”