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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

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The official student news site of Dougherty Valley High School.

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Singer-songwriter Tate McRae stuns in Think Later. // Tate McRae

Tate McRae’s ‘Think Later’ is a bold take on the uncertainty of love and youth

Canadian pop sensation Tate McRae unleashes a whirlwind of spontaneity and chaos in her eagerly-awaited sophomore album “Think Later.” The album marks a sonic evolution and poignant exploration of...

In “Heaven Knows,” PinkPantheress conveys themes of loss and yearning through sugary-sweet compositions.

PinkPantheress leaves her mark on modern pop with ‘Heaven Knows’

Tanvi Rao, Arts and Entertainment Editor January 11, 2024

Though she started as a TikTok sensation, British singer-songwriter PinkPantheress transcends the platform with her first full-length album, “Heaven Knows.” She initially rose to popularity with her...

Mckenna Graces debut EP reveals the daunting pressures of fame, yet manages to resonate many familiar feelings about pain and betrayal.

Actress Mckenna Grace’s debut EP “Bittersweet 16” showcases her empowering musical talent

Ella Shen, Editor-in-Chief March 8, 2023

Mckenna Grace released her experimental debut EP called “Bittersweet 16” on March 3. The eight-track album encompasses a journey from self-discovery to heartaches, filled with teenage angst. Grace’s...

Ayaka’s “Love Cycle” is sweet, lighthearted, and the perfect album for the month of February.

“Love Cycle” by Ayaka leaves romance up to audience interpretation

Tanvi Rao, Arts and Entertainment Editor March 17, 2022

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of her debut, Japanese singer-songwriter Ayaka released “Love Cycle,” her first full length album in three years. The album was released on Feb 1. 2022 -- a good...

Text in the backdrop says viviz in shades of purple. Three female members are standing on a black platform, surrounded purple flowers.

VIVIZ reflects their prism-like talents with ‘Beam of Prism’

Ashley Lee, Staff Writer March 8, 2022

On Feb. 9, 2022, three members of the disbanded K-pop group, GFriend, re-debuted with their first mini album, "Beam of Prism," under the new name, VIVIZ. Members SinB, Eunha and Umji departed Source Music...

Adele’s Highly Anticipated “30” released on Nov. 19 2021 leaving fans astonished.

Adele’s “30” tells a story of poignance she’s overcome in herself

Shreya Jagannathan and Rhea Master December 15, 2021

Adele’s highly anticipated album, “30,” was released on Nov. 19, 2021 leaving fans in awe. The 15-time Grammy winner came through with the same talent we know and love from her, but with a new level...

Halseys latest album If I Cant Have Love, I Want Power  walks a line between self preservation and self destruction conveyed through honest lyricism and harsh textures.

Halsey reclaims her lost power in “Whispers” and establishes her throne

Ananda Mayuri Chakkenchath September 29, 2021

Releasing their fourth studio album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” on Aug. 27, 2021, Halsey takes us into the theatrical unveiling of their story. A story about walking a line between self...

Joji begins to fall into a predictable musical pattern in his new album Nectar

Joji demonstrates his artistry through new album “Nectar”

Yuxin (Ariel) Wang and Megan Dhillon October 26, 2020

Japanese artist Joji released his second studio album, Nectar, on Sept. 25, 2020.  Nectar features hit singles “Gimme Love” and “Sanctuary”, as well as collaborations, namely with Lil Yachty and...

Katy Perry leaves listeners frowning in her disappointing new album, Smile.

Katy Perry’s “Smile” left us frowning

Riya Mehta and Aria Khalique September 27, 2020

After three years filled with personal changes, Katy Perry released her new album “Smile” on Aug. 28. Though some songs are catchy, the release falls flat with overproduced compositions and meaningless...

The Chicks release their newest album, painting a picture of many emotions.

After a 14-year hiatus, The Chicks release emotional and lyrical wonder: “Gaslighter”

Aria Khalique, Multimedia Editor August 17, 2020

On Jul. 17, 2020 The Chicks released their new record “Gaslighter”. Though some tracks feel lackluster, the album highlights emotional subject matter based on personal events and displays incredible...

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