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Destigmatizing the period: the pink tax

Sanjana Ranganathan, Opinions Editor

April 2, 2019

In 2015, President Trump commented on Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, referring to menstruation, to CNN’s Don Lemon, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.” Rhetoric like this further stigmatizes menstruation, causing the issues that come with it...

Get cultured

We often take our heritage for granted, but there's always more to culture than our familial childhood experiences.

Timothy Lee, Staff Writer

March 21, 2019

It's a holiday. You sit quietly at a dining table, back slouched, eyes down, silent and uncomfortable while your parents’ friends and family, many of whom have appearances eminently similar to yours, talk and laugh in a language you barely understand. You try to prepare yourself but are still caught o...

Opening up about sexual harassment closes stereotypes

Stigmas silence sexual harassment victims — and conversation is the key to breaking them.

Caroline Lobel, Editor in Chief

March 10, 2019

Sexual harassment — it’s a term you’ve most likely heard and/or seen sprawled across the media. Although some victims earn justice, negative stereotypes such as victim blaming still surround those who have been affected by sexual harassment. We need to advocate for more people to come forward abo...

Living with It: The success-full mindset

Living with It: The success-full mindset

Elisa Fang, Editor-in-Chief

February 13, 2019

Dear Reader, Motivation is a scam. Is what I’ve thought sitting and staring, in all my senioritis-infused glory, with the thought of the workload from the classes I love looming in the many tabs of my computer screen — this article included — wondering why I do what I do, and why I’m wil...

Centering on Central America

Guatemalan children living in refugee camps, in the State of Campeche, wait to get their food ration.

Riya Bindlish, Features Editor

February 11, 2019

Gunshots deafen the screams of thousands of civilians running from the rampant violence that continues to stamp over the Northern Triangle. Men and women from the region desperately protest for their human rights, hoping someone will answer the cries of a boy coerced by the Mara Salvatrucha to murder ...

Can Disney trademark “Hakuna Matata”?


Daniela Wise, Social Media Editor

February 9, 2019

In the wake of the re-release of Disney’s well known film “The Lion King,”  Zimbabwean activist Shelton Mpala calls for Disney to revoke it’s trademark of the Swahili phrase “Hakuna Matata” in a recent online petition. So one may wonder, is Disney making a wrong move here, trademark...

Separating art from the artist sets a dangerous precedent

Vivian Kuang, Public Relations Editor

February 6, 2019

There is no trope more common in Hollywood than an acclaimed artist whose questionable past threatens their career, and with the rise of #MeToo, this phenomenon is more prevalent than ever. Bloomberg reports that over 425 prominent people across industries have been accused of sexual misconduct since ...

Revisiting 2018: “Year of the Woman”

Revisiting 2018: “Year of the Woman”

Riya Bindlish, Features Editor

December 30, 2018

2018 has officially been declared the second “Year of the Woman,” with a record-breaking 102 women in Congress thus far and pending elections possibly increasing that number. 1992 was the previous “Year of the Woman,” seen as the first major rise in the number of women in Congress. However, with this social p...

‘Tis the season?

The opinion of a 21st-century high school teenager on family-oriented holiday spirit.

Sheyda Ladjevardi, Photography Editor

December 21, 2018

Let’s face it. The holidays aren’t the same anymore, and they haven’t been for a while now. Each year it seems that the rushing excitement that surrounds the holiday season is drowned out by the stress and pressure of everyday life. The gradual decline in holiday spirit signals this feeling of empt...

The perils of categorization

Categorization, when improperly enforced, can have devastating effects on individuals and the more expansive society they are part of.

Oce Bohra, Copy Editor

November 19, 2018

When I was younger, my self-perception was limited to essentially one question: which Hogwarts house would I be a part of? My friends were sure I would be a Ravenclaw, but I took every online quiz I could find until one validated my opinion: Slytherin. Houses in Hogwarts, lineages in Greek mythology...

How solutions journalism is tackling the opioid crisis

Solutions journalism allows journalists to approach problems constructively and provide solutions. // Gulf Breeze Recovery

Oce Bohra, Copy Editor

October 27, 2018

While the precept "if it bleeds, it leads” has long been applied to journalism, a burgeoning movement within the press reckons that journalism should go one step further and help patch up the wound. Solutions journalism, or constructive journalism, is an approach to news reporting in which journal...

DV breaks traditional barriers surrounding Homecoming

Amruta Baradwaj and Sheyda Ladjevardi

October 15, 2018

As the 2018 Homecoming dance comes to an end, we are prompted to reflect on a time of deep emotional stress and social judgment. Homecoming can often be perceived as a rather taxing event, placing a high standard in regards to the reputation of DV’s student population. In this field, Dougherty persev...

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