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Sneak a peek into fall drama

Amruta Baradwaj and Sheyda Ladjevardi

October 4, 2019

As the 2019-20 school year begins, DVHS Drama prepares for the upcoming fall production: “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Set to be performed Oct. 24-26, the show is an adaption of Oscar Wilde’s satirical play.  Featuring 10 cast members, the play follows the journey of Jack Worthing, whose ...

“RENT” defies harmful social stereotypes

“RENT” defies harmful social stereotypes

Taylor Atienza and Amruta Baradwaj

March 6, 2019

Against a backdrop of vibrant flyers and graffiti, a solemn opening narration set the scene for Dougherty’s performance of “RENT,” transporting the audience to a world of young artists struggling to survive in New York’s Bohemian Alphabet City. The DV Theatre Arts Program presented “REN...

DV rapping duo “rains” in 15,000 streams with SoundCloud EP “Frostbite”

DV rapping duo “rains” in 15,000 streams with SoundCloud EP “Frostbite”

Caroline Lobel, Managing Editor

February 10, 2019

Dougherty sophomores George Sphicas (Georgeraps) and Kushal Tirupathi (Kush Raps) have amassed over 15,000 streams on “Frostbite,” their first SoundCloud EP, consisting of seven hip-hop tracks with wavy beats and catchy lyrics. They have been inspired by music since middle school, with Tirupathi first ...

DVHS music department strikes a good note to start its season

Sraavya Sambara and Claire Zhang

November 1, 2018

The Dougherty Valley music department put on an energetic, interactive fall concert on Oct. 3-4 to showcase its collective talent and offer a glimpse into its plans for the rest of the music season. The concert exhibited a variety of different musical styles to engage the audience, from the melodiou...

Paul Vega powers performing arts program

Paul Vega powers performing arts program

Megan Dhillon, Treasurer

October 20, 2018

The lights dim in the theater, the plush velvet curtains open and the show begins. The silent creator behind each of the beautiful productions here at DVHS, Mr. Paul Vega has been involved in theater arts since he was 11 years old. However, he has played more roles than just the passionate teacher he ...

DV Drama preps for “LOVE/SICK”

Taylor Atienza and Amruta Baradwaj

September 26, 2018

DVHS’ Theatre Arts students have started preparations for their fall production “LOVE/SICK” to begin the 2018-2019 school year, pursuing their new theme of inclusivity and diversity while acclimating new students to the program. “LOVE/SICK”—the brainchild of playwright John Cariani—co...

DV’s drama program provides a slick version of the classic “Grease”

DV’s drama program provides a slick version of the classic “Grease”

Elisa Fang and Pranav Chillappagari

March 8, 2018

An excited chatter filled the space in anticipation, and lively discussions of the cast, people’s love for “Grease” and the homework to procrastinate on could be heard before the lights went dim. We went opening night, Feb. 1, and it was packed as was expected with the amount of publicity this mu...

Dougherty’s Winter Dance Show puts the “Win” in Winter

Skyler Spears and Katie Williams

January 27, 2018

From Nov. 30 to Dec. 1, Dougherty Valley presented its annual Winter Dance Show in the Performing Arts Center. Students from Dance 2, 3 and 4 performed a total of 30 dances ranging in style on the stage. The Winter Dance show serves not only to showcase talented performers, but also as a fundraiser for the Dougherty Valley Dance program. It is one of two shows the program puts on throughout the school year. A unique as...

“Grease:” A preview of Dougherty’s 2018 drama musical

“Grease:” A preview of Dougherty’s 2018 drama musical

Amanda Su and Elisa Fang

January 20, 2018

The Dougherty Valley’s Drama Program will put on the highly anticipated musical classic “Grease” from Feb. 1-4, bringing to the stage new faces playing characters not often seen on Dougherty’s campus. “'Grease' is a musical that’s been around since the seventies — it takes place in the...

“Face It” art gallery is more than meets the eye

Elaine Park, Arts and Graphics Editor

December 1, 2017

The SRVUSD “Face It” student art gallery gave students the chance to showcase their art to the community. Students used their art to display the different viewpoints they have on the hardships they’ve faced. The works range from self portraits to impressionist pieces on mediums stretching from...

“Our Town” presents a complicated tale of American life

Elisa Fang and Amruta Baradwaj

December 1, 2017

Here’s the thing about “Our Town.” We didn’t understand it. In fact, we’re not even sure if we truly understand it now. We went into DVHS Drama Program’s performance of the Thornton Wilder play with the expectation that this would be straightforward —  but we were approaching a ...

Dougherty’s musicians shine and display mastery in final concert of year

Arul Kirubakaran, Maitri Parikh, and Natalie Rubio-Licht

May 30, 2017

The musicians of Dougherty Valley High School concluded the musical year with the strongest, most energetic, and soulful and passionate performances of the year, from the dramatic intensity of Treble Clef’s performance of “Dies Irae” to the energy and rhythm of Jazz Band’s “Little Big Gumbo”....

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