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  • // SARAH KIM

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People: Peyton Dao and Mustafa Khan

Grade: Freshmen
Where: Peet’s Coffee



Him: 8                                     

Her: 8.5


Most Awkward Moment:

Him: “Not necessarily, but picture taking [was] sort of [awkward], yeah, but otherwise, nah not really.”                                               

Her: “Not really, I don’t think there was any awkward gaps.”


Initial Thoughts:

Him: “I don’t know, I’m normally pretty social. I’ll really adapt to anyone, it’s not really a problem for me … I honestly thought it’d be super awkward at first, and then like later on during the so-called ‘date’ it’d be much better, but I [thought] it’d be super awkward at the beginning and then later on we’d get to talking.”

Her:  “Before I met him? No not really. Well I didn’t really know I was going on the date so I didn’t have any preconceived thoughts.” “No [expectations] because if you don’t expect much, there’s not much to be disappointed about.”


Favorite Moment:

Him: “Yes there was, we kinda smack talked about people, which I’m not very proud of but it was pretty funny. And we kinda actually had a good conversation so it was actually very fun.”                                                  

Her: “We kinda talked bad about everyone, so that was pretty funny.”


Would you go on a date with this person again:

Him: “Yeah, I would.”                                              

Her: “Not a date, probably just for friends, but not a date.”


Did you know about this person beforehand?

Him: “I’ve seen her around school and I used to have a PE class with her but I never used to talk to her that much.”

Her: “Yeah we had classes. He was in my PE last year.”

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