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Brazilians protest against the President Bolsonaro’s management of the Amazon fires in Porto Alegre on Aug. 24.

Amazon fires

Stories of fires in the Amazon erupted late this past summer, as the media sparked the interests of activists around the world. The Los Angeles Times said that the fires were believed to be intentionally started by farmers to clear land for pasture or crops, and have since grown into an issue of international concern. 

G7 countries pledged $20 million of aid for affected countries, but Brazil refused to accept it, as its president, Jair Bolsonaro, first wanted an apology from French president Emmanuel Macron. He claimed Macron insulted Brazil, and wished for him to retract those statements. He did not apologize, and the money was left rejected. 

Bolsonaro also felt that the country’s motives were corrupt, and was wary of strings that could be attached to the money. He did, however, accept $12 million from Britain soon after making such statements. 

But Brazil still has not moved to improve environmental protection. These fires were just the acme of the country’s long battle of environment versus resources. Brazil’s economy is completely dependent on forest resources but the destruction of the forest is detrimental to the global climate. The lack of environmental concern from Brazil’s government indicates an inauspicious future for the Amazon.

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