“I left joining the FBI because I wanted to start a family”

Mahika Arya

“I left joining the FBI because I wanted to start a family”

Mrs. Karie Chamberlain: “I changed what I wanted to study to potentially be in the FBI. I love crime-fighting in TV shows, and I was in my senior year… and an epiphany came – why can’t that be what I do? My major was Justice Studies for people who wanted to go into any sort of public service. I never did anything for [the FBI], but I knew what it would be. After college, I’d have to go to Quantico for training… for two or three years. I wanted to do investigations into serial killers, which has a lot of travel, so they can move you to a different office as they need. That was the big hiccup for me because I really wanted to be able to have a family. As much as I love the idea of [the FBI], having a family was more important to me, and I felt like that would be incredibly difficult. Had the internet been the resource it is now… I may have still done something within the FBI that wasn’t as crazy had I been more well-informed. But, I’m incredibly happy here where I am in my life. ”

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