Gobind Kapoor

“I feel like I am part of this big group.”

Gobind Kapoor: “[My love for Japenese idols] has always kind of been there for the last three or four years, but it really took off in the last couple of summers. You know how you have nothing else to do, so I’m like “hey look at this video,” and now here I am. [I especially like] animated and virtual idols, which are like people basically put on special suits and record themselves. They’re called ei-YouTubers, or like anime idols such as the ones in Love Life, IdolMaster, etc… I feel like they really constitute a part of me, as I’ve always been a follower of them. I feel like I am part of this big group..of all idol fans…they have made me a lot more willing to [stay productive] and do my work…as I can always have the idol music playing [in the background.]”

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