Anisha Mukherjee

“[There is] just a beautiful rhythm to it.”

Anisha Mukherjee: “When I was about 5 I started figure skating, after having to go past the ice rink every day on my way to dance class. At first I was given a flat-out no with the reasoning that I would fall and crack my head open, but eventually, I was signed up for classes. So at my first class, wearing about three jackets, I stepped onto the ice with the help of an instructor. 

Figure skating is a very unique sport when you ask someone about their extra-curricular activities, it isn’t a common answer. It’s a combination of dance, gymnastics, and ballet all on ice. At the same time, you get to show off flexibility [and] endurance, and overall [there is] just a beautiful rhythm to it. My proudest moment was at the 2017 National Ice Dance competition; competing on a hurt foot, I was still able to place 5th out of my 20 competitors. In figure skating, everything is incredibly difficult, however, my double lutz and death drop spin are some of the most difficult. At the same time, I work on more complicated combination spins and flying sit spins. 

Figure skating has a drastic effect on my sleep schedule. Every morning I wake up at 4:30 so that I can warm-up and reach the ice rink at 5:30. From there I skate for about an hour and a half and then [go] to school. Due to homework, I [go] to bed around 11 so it is difficult to [get] more than 5 hours a sleep a night. In the coming year, I hope to test for my next gold medal in ice dance and qualify for nationals for the third year in a row.”

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