Sheyda Ladjevardi

Stephanie Su

Sheyda Ladjevardi

“I accumulated a lot of stickers from various events or [they were] gifted from people. So when I finally got a Hydro Flask, I had an opportunity to like create a[n] aesthetically pleasing design with all the stickers that I felt represented me.

“Yeah, I’m somewhat interested in design, but it’s only like, just for fun. And then I made sure to place these all so that they fit nicely and that they would look nice when put together.

“I would say this MIT sticker is the most meaningful to me. I’ve never been to MIT. But I had a math instructor, who was really proud of me for getting a perfect score on the AMC 8. So she gave me this MIT sticker and told me to keep striving to be more successful.

“Some of these I got from attending a hackathon, specifically Superposition. And this is really meaningful to me because it was the first hackathon I ever attended. And now I’m fortunate enough to be the lead director for it. So this holds a lot of meaning to me.”

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