Sheyda Ladjevardi

Lauria Sun

Sheyda Ladjevardi

“I actually started putting them on in sophomore year because that was when I first got a Hydro. There was, like, this weird mark on it, so I wanted to cover that.”

“I guess I like the way that Hydro Flasks look with stickers.”

“This is important, because I have a cat. I love my cat. Also, track and field sticker because track and field is a big part of my life. I like the design of the sticker and how it represents my position on the team … Also, the BART sticker: I think it’s interesting because I don’t know a lot of people who have it, and it represents how I’m from the Bay Area.”

“Someone who does track and also does Relay for Life. Those two and then also I have a cat, right? It’s pretty recognizable.”

“I want a Boba Guys sticker.”

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