Megan Dhillon


Rating: 10/10

I ordered the KFC Crispy Colonel Sandwich, which, for $3.99, came with a large piece of fried chicken, toasted and buttered bread, pickles and mayonnaise. The service here was amazing; it took only about a minute or two to get my order. The employees were friendly and were quick to help me order. Just like Chick-Fil-A, this sandwich doesn’t have tomatoes or lettuce, but it was still extremely juicy. The exterior of the chicken wasn’t as crispy as I preferred. However, the inside was soft and full of flavor. The chicken was juicy enough that the tomato and lettuce weren’t needed, with the mayonnaise making the sandwich even better. The pickles added the perfect kick, and the bread was soft and buttery. This sandwich was a lot smaller than I expected, but it did have a much larger chicken-to-bread ratio, and since the chicken was so delightful, it wasn’t that big of a dealbreaker for me. Overall, I really enjoyed this sandwich. Since our focus is on chicken, this particular sandwich came through with the flavor and juiciness that I want from a chicken sandwich.

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