Megan Dhillon


Rating: 5/10

I ordered the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which came with a white meat chicken fillet, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and an artisan roll for $5.09. The service here was mediocre to say the best. It took seven minutes to get my sandwich, which is outrageous since there was no one else in the restaurant. Ironically, even though this sandwich had tomato and mayonnaise to make it more juicy, this sandwich was extremely dry and hard to eat. The chicken in this sandwich was thin and seemed old, since oil was concentrated in certain parts of the chicken. The chicken tasted mostly just like pepper, and I didn’t get any other flavor from it. There was too much bread-to-chicken ratio, but what made it worse was that the bread was toasted so much that it tasted charred and was visibly black. Somehow, I needed to add almost two sauce packets in order to get over the dryness of this sandwich, while the chicken was too chewy and bready to be appetizing. The tomato, thankfully, added a bit of tartness to the sandwich, but the lettuce was limp and made the sandwich more soggy. The mayonnaise was delicious however, and was a perfect balance of tangy, while being smooth and creamy. Overall, I didn’t enjoy this sandwich; I think this sandwich has potential, but the chicken’s dryness takes away from the whole experience.

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