Mahika Arya

“I just enjoy seeing living things grow.”

Mr. Millard Lee

“I think that it really started with my first house in … 1999. I like gardening and landscaping … but I wouldn’t do it as a profession. That’s a lot of physical labor. You have to decide what you want it to look like aesthetically, and also what its function will be. You have to look at the layout and decide what goes where. The aesthetic part – the obvious things are the plants. You want to select what size they’re going to grow to, what shapes they have, the texture of their leaves. You might also want to have a bit of structure … so tall trees you might want to put them in the corners. There’re a lot of things to consider, and since I’m very visual and I have a very analytical mind, it’s fun to play around with that stuff and come up with a landscape plan. It’s very rewarding for me … to put [a plant] in the ground and nurture it, growing it and see it get bigger and fulfill the landscape.”

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