Amrita Himmatraopet

“Basketball calms my mind.”

Anika Kumari

I joined the school basketball team because I’ve always been really passionate about playing basketball. I played in leagues starting at the age of 7, and basketball is a way for me to relieve my stress and put all of my anger into something productive where I’m not only building skill, but also getting some exercise. I’m really passionate about basketball because it helps me relieve my stress, calm my mind, and it’s overall just something that I really enjoy doing with my time. I play the wing and shooting guard the majority of the time, and sometimes the post. I play wing because I’m good at moving the ball around and getting it inside so someone on the inside like the post can get an easy shot, shooting guard because I can get close to the basket for a shot, and I also like playing the post because I can hold my ground and look big taking up space making it hard for the other team to get to me or past me. My favorite thing about basketball is not really something I can describe since it is a game that is fully dependent on every action, but I think that something I really like is getting a fast break and sprinting to the other side with a ball and scoring lay-ups, because it gives me a sense of satisfaction.”

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