Esha Perala

“Singing has shaped me as a person.”

Esha Perala

I’ve always enjoyed singing ever since I was little, but I used to have issues with stage fright. I was afraid of what other people would think, but as I got older, and got more support from people, that really helped me get over the fear. I started an Instagram account dedicated to my singing about two years ago, because I really wanted to showcase my singing more online and slowly I started to get more support. For me, singing is a lot of fun, I really enjoy taking some time out of my day to film these covers and put them on the internet for other people to listen to. When people tell me they like my singing it just makes me feel good, and makes me feel like my singing might impact people in a small way.  For me, singing is more than just a hobby, it’s shaped me into the person I am today. Singing provides a break from my hectic life, and gives me time to just enjoy music. Follow @ecoverz to listen to some of my covers!”

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